A new section for trips and rides since the start of 2011
Images & Movies along with a few words. Thailand at Christmas 2011 and Central Asia, Altai Russia and Mongolia in Summer 2012
Here are links to 2 Advrider Ride reports from 2012 and 2013: 2012 Ride Report and 2013 Ride Report describing my trips around Central Asia, Mongolia and Far Eastern Siberia along the western BAM Road and the Road of Bones to Magadan

Between Mid-2015 and Mid-16 I revisited the most magical continent South America on an old KLR. The completed RR is at A South American Retrospective

Since then (Nordkapp to Bulgaria, Sth Am (3rd visit!), offroad 'Stans) trips have been shared on Social Media, principally on my personal Facebook feed and on the public FB (and Instagram) BrightysJollys page at Brighty's Jollys


How not to cross a river in Mongolia...
...And when you've totally messed up, how to sort it :-)

There are many more biking related videos embedded in this website. Click here to see a full overview.

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