Words and Images from his trip from London to Cape Town and the Americas between 1999 and 2002

Over the Millenium Brighty did a little motorbike jolly along some interesting roads. His essays and images are presented here.

Most chapters have a picture gallery with large format images. Click on the Chapters to read gibberish and follow the link to check out the pictures...

Here's an overview map of this trip. Much of trip was spent fending off dragons...


Ch 10 East Coast USA On the road again: Leaving New York

Ch 11 Canada Wow, you drove all the way from England...!?

Ch 12 Alaska, BC & the Lower 48 And God sent Angels to comfort Victor'

Ch 13 USA & Mexico All over whatever that map is on your box

Ch 14 Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras Don't let my trumpet sound around here like a siren, maaaaaan!!!

Ch 15 Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia & Ecuador Yes Minister…

South America Trip 1

Ch 16 Ecuador On the ninth Day of Christmas...

Ch 17 Ecuador & Peru Bring Mir Werkzeug' and 'DH Hell'

Ch 18 Peru, Bolivia & Chile Land of Augusto, Edgardo and Ernesto

Ch 19 Chile & Argentina Norman Reincarnated at the End of the World

Ch 20 While back home Bright is a Fraud


Ch 1 UK, Germany & France And He’s off: Last mail from home.

Ch 2 Greece & Turkey The abominable mudman meets the carpet salesman...

Ch 3 Turkey The sea rushes in

Ch 4 Syrian & Jordan You Are Welcome


Ch 5 Egypt Hell on Earth

Ch 6 Ethiopia Helga: German and functional

Ch 7 Kenya & Tanzania Life is Sheep

Ch 8 Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Botswana 'Go West' or 'Take The Weather With You'

Ch 9 Windhoek to Cape Town... Wo ist mein Bier?

Norman's London to Cape Town A to Z

South America Trip 2

Ch 21 And he’s off… again… 3 Balls Bright On the Road Again

Ch 22 Chile & Bolivia: Various Messages The long winding road: my a***!

Ch 23 Bolivia & Peru Why why why Delilah

Ch 24 Peru A shocking Tale

Ch 25 Peru & Brazil Guido hits Babeland

Ch 26 Brazil & Argentina Bongo Drums...

Ch 27 Chile & Argentina: Various Messages White Wellies chasing wildlife

Ch 28 Back home The BEST last mail: Ever!

Postscript: Dyed wool in his flies reincarnation

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