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In summer 2012 I freighted my Transalp to Almaty in Kazakhstan. From there the trip went to my favourite country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, where even riding off a cliff didn’t destroy my mood, then to Tajikistan where they threw me out. So, back through the land of Borat and into the Altai region of Russia.

I was nearly denied entry to Mongolia, but once in, the ride across the country with a German chap called Moritz had more than a few adventures, including a little incident involving a river; Cough, splutter… Check out the videos and the photo gallery below. There are captions under each picture.

001 Great Patriotic War Memorial Almaty.jpg
001b summer 2012 map1.jpg
002 Memorial Of 1941.jpg
003 Street Sellers Outside Hotel Almaty.jpg
004 Angle grinding sidestand.jpg
005 Its the people you meet.jpg
006 Kids.jpg
007 Permit to the cliff.jpg
008 Ooops.jpg
009 Ooops 2.jpg
010 One careful owner.jpg
011 Audi 80s are real popular oh yeh the eagle Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
012 Car races horse Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
013 Horse transporter Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
014 Horses going for a swim Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
015 Water transporter Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
016 Local men Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
017 Locals cooking lunch Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
018 Not nice horse broth Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
019 Polo murderball with headless sheep Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
020 Women dresssed to impress Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
021 Wrestling Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
022 Serpentines Coming From Song Kul Kyrgz.jpg
023 Camel Tash Rabat Caravanserai Kyrgyzstan.jpg
023b summer 2012 map2.jpg
024 Promoting biking amongst the young Tash Rabat Kyrgyz.jpg
025 Local girls Tash Rabat Caravanserai Kyrgyzstan.jpg
026 Dodging Rain Storms Kyrgyzstan.jpg
027 Fuel From Bucket Kyrgz.jpg
028 Donkey Cart And Trailer Kyrgyzstan.jpg
029 Crazy Jap Cyclist Kyrgyzstan.jpg
030 Dutch Bikers Kyrgyzstan.jpg
031 Leonard Di Caprio and Russian dad Sary Tash Kyrgyz.jpg
031b summer 2012 map3.jpg
032 Local man Sary Tash Kyrgyz.jpg
033 Spooky shot lake Karakul before storm.jpg
034 Bike and lake Karakul Tajik.jpg
035 Long yes winding my arse tajik.jpg
036 Ak Baital Pass 4651 m Pamir Hwy Tajikistan.jpg
037 Ak Baital Pass 2 .jpg
038 Riding in Pamir region Tajikistan.jpg
039 Pamir Highway Tajikistan.jpg
040 Fuel stop Murgab Tajikistan.jpg
041 End of the road Murgab Tajik.jpg
042 Full carpark Sadats at Karakul Tajik.jpg
043 Robert and mate Mr Sadat karakul tajik.jpg
044 Christine Radek Marek Tajik 28july2012.jpg
045 Stephen Radek Marek Tajik 28july2012.jpg
046 Ghengis on bike Kyrgyz.jpg
047 Lenin St Osh Kyrgyz.jpg
048 DRZ GSXR Loncin Kyrgyz.jpg
048 Poster Osh Kyrgyz.jpg
049 Street views Osh Kyrgyz.jpg
050 Honey selling Kyrgyz.jpg
051 Street sellers Kyrgyz.jpg
052 Brighty at MyTown Almaty Kazakh.jpg
053 My Town Gate.jpg
054 At the end of the rainbow.jpg
054b summer 2012 map4.jpg
055 Michal Rej and Marek Zarod on road in Kazakh near nuclear launch site.jpg
056 Kazakh nuclear launch site.jpg
057 Breakfast after night in a hut Kazakh.jpg
058 Crashed truck Kazakh.jpg
059 Leaving Semey Kazakh.jpg
060 Speed trap Russia.jpg
061 Olga and the shoes that match the nail varnish Barnaul Russia.jpg
062 Top halves Barnaul Russia.jpg
063 Bottom halves Barnaul Russia.jpg
064 Shes got legs Barnaul Russia.jpg
065 More legs etc Barnaul Russia.jpg
066 Only hess than 5 percent Alc after 9pm Barnaul Russia.jpg
067 VI Lenin as a Toriodor Barnaul Russia.jpg
068 Easyrider Barnaul Russia.jpg
069 Front entrance of biker bar Barnaul Russia.jpg
070 Getting a lift from a local back to the hotel Barnaul Russia.jpg
071 Woman and bike Banaul Russia.jpg
072 Meeting a mongol rally team Barnaul Russia.jpg
073 Front wheelbearings change Viktors Barnaul Russia 1.jpg
074 Front wheelbearings change Viktors Barnaul Russia 2.jpg
075 Chip And Pin.jpg
076 Altai House.jpg
076b summer 2012 map5.jpg
077 Altai wild campsite.jpg
078 Altai River Scene.jpg
079 Altai Cows In River.jpg
080 Clarkson Woz Ere.jpg
081 Dnypr Outfit Run Out Of Fuel.jpg
082 Even other traffic in Altai.jpg
083 Pretty Valley.jpg
084 Truck On Bridge.jpg
085 Tyre change.jpg
086 Russian Africa Twin.jpg
087 Russian Cyclists.jpg
088 Sunset through front wheel.jpg
089 After another wild camp near border.jpg
090 Mongol rally cars at border.jpg
091 Incl kitchen sink.jpg
092 Matie and his posse.jpg
093 Horses w mongolia.jpg
094 Eagle that i was taking a picture of.jpg
095 when girl was smiling at me western mongolia.jpg
096 Changable weather.jpg
097 The food only got worse.jpg
098 Walter woz ere.jpg
099 Dried riverbed.jpg
100 Crossing pass in snow.jpg
101 Ernie joins the trip.jpg
102 Tent thief on cctv.jpg
103 A bike without.jpg
104 Admiring the view.jpg
105 Funny local 1.jpg
106 Funny local 2.jpg
107 Beer oclock 1.jpg
108 Beer oclock 2.jpg
109 Beer oclock 3.jpg
110 Chilling by the fire.jpg
111 Another dead end.jpg
111b Day of many interesting deadends.jpg
112 CB and lake w mongolia.jpg
113 Detour alley Nr Lake Khyargas.jpg
114 Creepy crawly.jpg
115 Probable knocking shop.jpg
116 Not very good beer.jpg
117 Wildcamp w mongolia.jpg
118 Curious dog.jpg
119 Mad mongol cannibal.jpg
12 percent.jpg
120 Another great freecamp.jpg
121 Mongolians like their horses.jpg
122 Happy drunk mongolia.jpg
123 Telly tubies.jpg
124 Ernie mongolia.jpg
125 After the rain.jpg
126 Come in guys.jpg
127 Sleeping beauty in a ger in rain storm.jpg
128 Girls.jpg
129 Four seasons in a day.jpg
130 E and Cs rolled backup car.jpg
131 Logo on the door.jpg
132 Tourist eagle.jpg
133 Before and after still ugly.jpg
134 Bloke stole coppers trunchion.jpg
135 Jeffrey Polnaja.jpg
136 Nice ass.jpg
137 Shagged and new front tyre.jpg
138 Striking a pose.jpg